I know that what Nietzsche said is true,
And yet
I saw the face of a little child in the street,
And it was beautiful.

                                                                                           (Ezra Pound 1885-1972)


BMA – body mind anchoring ©

embodied approach to inner & outer movement


Over 40 years of artistic (physical, mental and emotional) experience is the basis upon theory and practice of BMA, developed by Sebastian Prantl – dancer, choreographer and practitioner.

BMA combines dance, Asian martial arts, applied Shiatsu practice with western movement analysis, thus fostering an individual body (& mind) consciousness through movement exercises and hand-on treatment. Within individual and group sessions (lasting 1.5 hours), immediate improvement and relieve on specific physical problems and disabilities can be accomplished.

The studio space of TAW provides an inspiring, light atmosphere, where the relaxation and exploration of BMA has a direct and lasting impact on the physical and emotional canon of the client. Furthermore, a personal coaching beyond physicality (mediation & meditation) enriches the dialogical approach.