Trans Art Works investigates and produces trans-disciplinary positions within the performing arts and beyond. Protagonists of arts and science engage creatively within a ‘white cube’ in the heart of Vienna, Austria – moving it kinetically, tuning it corporeally, illuminating it emotionally and provoking it rhythmically…

This over thirty years exemplary art- based research focusing on life-connectedness is core to the artistic bond of the choreographer Sebastian Prantl and the pianist Cecilia Li. Dialogical formats foster new perspectives of various kind and scope, reaching out internationally. Within their working philosophy they transform space artistically and geographically.

Predominantly, on the axis Europe-Asia, the couple has been connecting protagonists of all backgrounds and generations, promoting common interests in the field.

TAW generates both spontaneous formates as well as choreographed pieces, thus celebrating real-time-composition of various kind. New contact points serve as a creative trigger, sharing knowledge, providing new insight as well as deeper understanding and excellence in art making.

Comprehensive topics for labs and symposia such as frequency, economy, light, corporeal anatomy, rhythm, deceleration, (e)motion, isolation, sustainability, memory etc. study, analyse and produce multi-layered textures and life-connected strategies.


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  • We open up new approaches to art (production) as discourse, connecting intuitive sensation and
    perceptive awareness by balancing theory and practice.
  • We set store through freedom, spontaneity and catharsis.
  • We empower ourselves and overcome conventional condition.
  • A collaborative approach fosters individual advancement.
  • Improvisation and ‘chance’ in multi-layered contexts teach us to deal with uncertainty.
  • We strive for our visions and dreams.
  • We define ourselves through the arts – in search for the miraculous – on the way to enlightenment.