We focus on the new challenges for choreographic enterprises in the face of increasing production efforts under diminishing resources at institutions as well as established frameworks in the overall cultural landscape. The experience within selected artistic practices and their empirical knowledge stands against various programs devised by “curators”, who claim freedom of expression. The lab poses the question: Does everything have to be always new? Having said this, we attempt a (re-)orientation towards fundamental correctives a (re-)discovery of body and mind in nature looking for answers in the face of an increasing disintegration of theory and practice. What causes the paramount fragmentation of content, knowledge production and reception?

ICLA 2015: ’new MOVING_FRONTIER‘ , 5-17 July 2015, featured protagonists such as Soenke Zehle, Renate Hammer, Stefan Marb, Henrietta Horn, Mei Kuang Li, Johanna Rainer, Othello Johns, Alexandro Guerra, Sebastian Prantl, Cecilia Li, Hui-Shan Chen.

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