We focus on the universal stories born of immanent stillness. Here, the term ‘BODYHOOD’ stands for anchorage, origin and contemplation. The lab discusses the multiplicity of storytelling and suggests a return to a corporeal origin; whether as diverse idioms of dance vocabulary or as manifold forms of verbal expression (speech, poetry, song…).

Compositional aspects such as rhythm, pulse, cut, pause, order, sound, attitude, symbolism are studied. To what degree do the recurring stories (repeated structures) stimulate our collective oeuvre, and to what extent do they sustain our cultural identities? We will analyse how collective “dramas” that seem to haunt us stem from subjective codes. We, as itinerant protagonists in time and space (as performing artists on stage) are the subject matter of the narrative and generate rhythm and content.

When stillness is fading the space around is tuning up, that is when the moment of speech occurs, where resonance emerges, where dynamic interplay begins and transformation is possible. In an age marked by increasingly faster hybrid communication facilities and paramount traceability, we are exhausting our creative resource (of speech) increasingly. At the same time, we are becoming aware that the sublimation of content is effective only when regeneration in “places of stillness” occurs. Content sincerely experienced and reflected upon, suggests further processing – emerging with effectiveness.

The lab will also consider and evaluate paradigms today’s performance theories. For years, both the arts and sciences analyse realities within their distinct frameworks, regardless of their applicability. Our era calls for performance practices that foster, visualize and integrate tangible contexts and (re)connect art and life. Artists as the pioneers and provocateurs generate and (re)create common structures, upholding the viability of art beyond entertainment, design and commerce of late capitalism. Performance practices and their recipients will change accordingly, especially with regard to trans-cultural narratives.

ICLA 1016: ‘BODYHOOD_NARRATIVE & composition’, 24 July – 5 August 2016 in St. Margarethen/Burgenland and Vienna, featured protagonists such as Kristie Simson, Mei Kuang Li, Silvia Grossmann, Raffael Frick, Othello Johns, Soenke Zehle, Sebastian Prantl, Cecilia Li.

Folder: ICLA TAW Folder 2016

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