Living in the ‘age of anger’, bearing an increasing environmental crisis as various ‘alternative facts’ haunt us, we ought to discuss and question the ‘climax of late capitalism’ and its consequences. As to what extent art (making) can create alternative perspectives. We want to speak through various textures, cultures and materials. We envision an alternative roadmap for the future while provoking the present, thus believing in art-based research…

Participating protagonists engage in physical, (e)motional and verbal discourse – drawing from their personal narrative within group configurations and abstracting the themes into performative engagements. In cooperation with ‚Kunst und Literatur’/Beatrice Simonsen and the ‚Institute of Language Art‘ of the University of the Applied Arts (die Angewandte), the lab investigates body language and narrative of various kind and context. The framework of a unique site (rural & urban) fosters various stimuli for living and working together: creating, writing, cooking and gardening.

ICLA 2017:  ‚Moving Encounters‘, 20-30 September 2017 at the art- and nature sanctuary of St. Margarethen and TAW Vienna. Tutors were Zuzana Husárová and Sebastian Prantl.

Folder: ICLA 2017 Dossier