We postulate that “dance of things” mediates between the internal and external bodily spaces, suggesting a redefinition of modalities. The term ‘corpography’ reflects and inquires both on anthropological and socio-cultural transformations thus focusing on the individual and the collective at the same instance, triggering and formulating wide-ranging questions.

As the embedment of the body in the biosphere – the environment being an inseparable, vulnerable system in flux is apparent – it is obvious that our awareness ought to be improved and strengthened, focusing on interfaces. Corpography studies tangible textures, rough surfaces, complicated patterns, raw matter, lofty materials… as vital interfaces are determined by their innate characteristics such as proximity, distance, porosity, mimicry, weight, flexibility, fullness, and emptines. The lab combines investigation and production thus studying juxtapositions in shape and scape, mass and fragility, motion and emotion, action and inaction.

ICLA 2012: ‘LAND.body.scape_corpography’

Art-based research in the interface of body, mind & nature in St. Margarethen /Burgenland took place in August/September 2012.As a new transdisciplinary artistic field work, this lab combines performative training, lecture, demonstration & discussion with experts from the fields of choreography/dance, body-mind techniques, architecture, land art & botany. Faculty: Tomas Nelissen (Founder of the Hara Shiatsu Institute, Netherlands/Austria) Johanna Rainer (Architect, Austria) Othello Johns (Dancer/Choreographer, Dance Pedagogue, USA/Germany) Renate Hammer (Architect, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Culture & Building, DUK, Austria) Alexsandro Araujo Guerra (Dance Artist, Brazil/Italy) Georg Schramayr (Nature & Landscape guide, expert on agriculture & wild plants, Austria) Sebastian Prantl (Dancer/Choreographer),Cecilia Li (Pianist)

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