As backbone and logo for the choreolab the material ‘stone’ manifests itself in the landscape of St. Margarethen as a paramount setting: the Sculptors House as unique architecture made out of stone as many sculptures  around the hill. Within the multi-layered materiality of the body, the bones of the human skeleton function as the most solid and densest part, thus providing theme and content.Here, they serve as a conceptual pivot point for interaction and discussion around this ancient stone quarry. (For centuries, its stones provided the building material for Vienna providing a ‘skeleton’ for the metropolis.) ‘Stone’ as a metaphor for bound corporality – subjected to gravity transforming and navigating into a discursive field study of various kind.

The ‘effort status’ of manifold body activities is not only featured by means of dance but studied also by sculpting and gardening (the creation of a stone garden as a long-term project bears specific ‘effort’ balancing and manifesting itself in the an ancient Japanese tradition i.e. ‘Zen’.) The focus here lays on the developing of exemplary work technique triggering and enhancing body-awareness and new movement vocabulary.

In an age where the majority of people ‘perform’ their moderate physical work out mainly in urban settings the compensation and variation in the matter may be a plausible study field.

Time, endurance, formation, climate, sequence of working processes, regeneration and meditation are the themes of STONE bound_BODYmotion. International protagonists teach various approaches to body awareness and analyse their (meta)physical, cultural and economic make-up.

ICLA 2013: STONE bound_BODY motion, 24 August – 3 September 2013 featured protagonists such as Ku Ming- Shen, Jim Shum, Renate Hammer, Johanna Rainer, Othello Johns, Elisabeth Dalman, Alexandro Guerra, Sebastian Prantl, Cecilia Li…

Folder: ICLA TAW Folder 2013

PAR (Performing Arts Review), October 2013: PAR 2013