We study the interface of body and mind through memory, thus being intrinsically connected and cultivated within our evolution. The lab focuses on spontaneous memory (flashes) by collecting, structuring, documenting and staging the findings. Through various group activities, collective memory is developed and celebrated.Contextual improvisation schemes analyse its content thus being transferring into a white box (i.e. the city lab) content becomes abstracted, objectified and documented. Memory flashes/clusters, consisting of sequential episodes, shrinking and clearing over time the lab distils and enriches the findings in order to elaborate on relevant themes i.e. discussing them (on stage).

The lab fosters art-based research by means of sounding bodywork, dance and theory. Protagonists of all generations are invited to step into an active exchange, featuring thematically inscribed issues on “memory” and “freedom” – thus commemorating the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the “Iron Curtain” in 1989, which took place 5 km away from St. Margarethen…

ICLA 2014: ‚Sounding MOTION_MEMORY‘, 24 August – 6 September 2014, featured protagonists such as Ku Ming- Shen, Martin Mayes, Renate Hammer, Johanna Rainer, Othello Johns, Elisabeth Dalman, Alexandro Guerra, Sebastian Prantl, Cecilia Li.

Folder: ICLA TAW Folder 2014
Dossier: ICLA Dossier 2014 English
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