„A 29 year old stewardess fell to her death tonight, when she was swept through an emergency door that suddenly sprang open. The body was found three hours after the accident“. The rise of the earth as seen from the moon is a symbol for man’s relationship to earth, his ability to distance himself from the planet he is evitably bound to.

„Earthrise“ – a choreography for dance, text & film, questions and provokes man’s strive for total control, disregarding chance and accidental momentum. Based on a concept by Sebastian Prantl „Earthrise“ was developped in a collaborative process, fusing and crystallizing individual modes of expression, enhancing the unique qualities of five divers charachters and their (body) language.

Protagonists: Daniel Aschwanden, Tina Mantel, Petra de Ondarza, Sebastian Prantl, Alexandra Sommerfeld.

Concept/Direction: Sebastian Prantl

Text: James Dickey

Music: Arvo Pärt

Light: Lukas Kaltenbäck 

Coordination: Markus Kupferblum

Photo/Film: Nikolais Dobrowolskij

PR: Emma Wolf-Perez

Premiered at Centrum Berchem, Antwerpen, October 87

Connecting performances: Gent, Amsterdam, Vienna (Künstlerhaustheater), Paris, Zürich