„Niemandsland“ a multimedia performance piece, combines narratives in regard to themes of occupation, oppression and freedom. A multi-cultural ensemble embarks on a journey to investigate the inner persona as the haunted other – in search for insight and understanding. Film and text (Peter Nabokov, Elaine Scarry, Morton Schatzmann, Tzvetan Todorov …) support the plot. 

Concept/Choreography: Sebastian Prantl

Concept/Direction/Film: Kristin Lovejoy

Protagonists: Leila Abdullah, Silvia Both, Johannes Breuss, Deborah Carmichael, Willi Dorner, Susanne Fuchs, Inge Kaindlstorfer, Gerhard Naujoks, Petra de Ondarza, Sebastian Prantl, Beatrix Ruf, Alexandra Sommerfeld, Maria Wille, Sita Treytl.

Objects: Kurt Seehofer

Lighting: Robert Leitner

Sound: Markus Kupferblum

Technique: Marco Ostertag

PR: Silvia Liska; Foto: Nikolais Dobrowolskij

Soundcollage: Francis Poulanc, Rhys Chatham, Arvo Pärt, The Andrews Sisters, Kathleen Ferrier songs.

Filmcollage: ‚War and Peace‘; Selection of Hollywood ‚Cowboy Films‘, Documentary of ‚Moon Landing‘ interwoven with original footage, shot in Vienna with protagonists…

Premiered at MAK, Vienna June 1986