A site-specific performance happening in a former swimming pool situated at a culture centre, outside of Vienna (Perchtoldsdorf). Performers from  various backgrounds meet under the premise of a 12-hour performence engagement, „imprisoned“ in a retangular white space (40 x 18 m). The audience enjoys a living theatre happening, including movement, speech, music, painting, building, eating and clean up. 


Choreographic Concept: Sebastian Prantl

Protagonists: Deborah Carmichael, Jacky Rauch, Andrea Campianu, Christopher Batenhorst, Marco Ostertag, Tina Mantel, Markus Eiblmayr, Sebastian Prantl, Margarethe Koller, Katharina Prantl, Helli Holleis…

Performed at Kulturzentrum Perchtoldsdorf, Lower Austria,  Summer 1982