Mozart’s string quintet in g-minor KV 516 serves as the pivot point for a transdisciplinary research project among musicians and dancers. The composer and performer Karlheinz Essl dismantles the classic score with self-developed computer programs into molecular particles, which he expands to new sound scapes, serving as a choreographic grid for the performers.


The deconstruction takes place as a Real-Time-Composition in a spontaneous interaction with the dance artists – an investigation, whose development is completely open. The piano fantasy in c-minor KV 475, interpreted by  Cecilia Li disolves and anchors the open grid in regard to a compositional resolution.

Further, exemplary formulas of Mozart’s piano music describe and inform algorithms. In interaction with the dance artists, Karlheinz Essl improvises with his lexicon-sonata, a highly expressive piano piece, performed on a Bösendorfer grand piano without any key contact. Those digital generated sound figures counter punctuate Mozart’s innovative piano fantasy c-minor KV 475, interpreted by the extraordinary Mozart interpreter Cecilia Li. She is anchor and interface of the kinetic research.

Concept and Direction: Sebastian Prantl

Real-Time-Composition: Karlheinz Essl

Piano Solo: Cecilia Li

Dance Performance: Laura Fischer, Manuel Wagner, Sebastian Prantl

Premiered at TAW and the Sculptors‘ House/SEB in St. Margarethen/Burgenland, May 2015