“RIVER memory pieces“, links international artists and their creativity in the fields of dance performance, music and visual installation art. A Real-Time-Composition scheme follows the approach of a transdisciplinary encounter in front of a curious audiance and functions as an inclusive creative space, where upon various artistic and scientific perspectives emerge.


The composition for solo piano: „Memory Pieces“ by the American composer David Lang, structures the project musically, where as the installation by the Swiss artist Silvia Grossmann – presenting free hanging paintings, sculptures and objects – frames it architectually. Both media serve as anchor and pivot point for the dance performance. Alexsandro Guerra (Brazil), Kuei-Ju Tung (Taiwan) and the choreographer/dancer Sebastian meet under openly structured choreographic premises and interact live with the intrinsic and vivid piano music performed by Cecilia Li.

Choreography/Dance: Sebastian Prantl

Music Concept/Piano Solo: Cecilia Li – Compositions by David Lang

Installation: Silvia Grossmann

Dance Artists in Residence: Alexsandro Guerra (Brazil), Kuei-Ju Tung (Taiwan)

Premiered at TAW, June 2014