On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of TAW (1988/2008) „MOMENT memento“ celebrates exemplary art-based research within the field of choreography, thus concentrating on sustainable methods of teaching and community building. The artist couple Sebastian Prantl and Cecilia Li, together with young protagonists give insight to their working philosophy and creation.


Sebastian Prantl’s choreographic work is based on a special improvisation techniques developed and enriched by him over many years: „flashback technique“. Based on the individuality and narrative of the protagonist (their cultural make up, professional experience and technical skill)  material  is being collected and scored, thus relating it to manifold analysis, challenging and fostering individual expressiveness and authentic communication. Creating and scoring complex choreographic structures is accomplished on the one hand through the intrinsic relationships among the dancers vis a vis space and time codes, on the other hand of the connection and analysis towards diverse audience encounters. The findings are deconstructed and scrutinized in detail, so no performance looks alike: Real-Time-Composition at its best.

“MOMENT memento”  is fostering perspectives for continual, challenging choreographic engagement, upon the comprehensive title featuring:  present moment-past moment, memory, non-repertoire, repetition-documentation, cartography, body-memento, monument-fragment, internalization, intensification – turn to one another – pause!

„There is a secret in the metamorphoses of life, in becoming and in passing, that something just is in a certain way and then changes – a microcosm of minimal transformations – spaces open up in the disenchanted world.“
                                                                                                    (Karen Kopp)

Choreographic Concept: Sebastian Prantl

Music Concept/Piano Solo: Cecilia Li

Dancing Protagonists: Paola Picazo, Patric Redl, Sharon Booth, Manuel Wagner, Nanina Kotlowski, Sebastian Prantl

Lights: Erich Heyduck

Premiered at TAW, November 2008