The “DORFPLATZ: neubau(en) 08“ project works within an urban grid: Bandgasse / Kandlgasse. The specific geography frames investigatory activities within an imaginary city scape. Five theatre companies of the 7th district of Vienna:“Neubau“, jointly celebrate time-relevant topics on life-connected theatre practice for the Vienna Festival 08.



By means of intervention, the urban space scape is utilized and interpreted in a new fashion, as a field for investigation, provocation and appropriation it offers and processes communication. KAIRÒS stands for the quality of the moment – the art of doing the right thing at the right time. By using the diversity of an inclusive urban space and showing the situational, the temporary, the project DORFPLATZ: neubau(en) 08 will enhance and visualize new possibilities for the township.

The references to the years 1908, 1918…2008 functions as historical backdrops for the appropriate investigative narratives at place. The five theatre companies from the district Neubau combine their initiatives by showing extracts from their performances and their concept in regard to the figure “eight” ; historically politically and structurally. The group’ office for subversive architecture ‘ Osa ‘ performs with “Bekleidungspraxis: Anprobe” in the public space: DORFPLATZ: neubau(en) 08 stands for openness and exchange among protagonists involved and vis-à-vis the residents of the neighbourhood and beyond.

„Piece by piece times two: DORFPLATZ: neubau(en) 08. Two dialogues about an encounter between six artistic positions“
(gift, summer issue 2008)

Choreographic Concept/Comunity Set Up: Sebastian Prantl

Dancing Protagonists: Florian Berger, Gordian Bogensberger, Maurizio Formiconi, Alexsandro Araujo Guerra, Gisela Heredia, Anja Kolmanics, Paola Picazo, Patric Redl, Martina Rösler, Manuel Wagner… encountering various protagonists within the „DORFPLATZ“.