The music-dramaturgical concept of the artist couple Cecilia Li (pianist) and Sebastian Prantl (choreographer) links choral leitmotifs with theatrical plots for an exemplary venue. The configuration of the Vienna Boys’ choir is provoked and integrated into a spatial concept for the “Hohe Kasematten”, a reactivated underground ‘cave’ in the Palais Coburg building complex. 


For this special enterprise the “twin composition”, the Fantasy in c-minor, KV 475 and the Sonata in c-minor, KV 457 serve as a structural grounding for the choreography.

The playful character of the performance accentuates many coloured, partly feathered balls that float above the heads of the gliding, rolling, spinning and the space-measuring participants, and perform their own, quite idiosyncratic dance. As a counterpoint, sometimes also as a reflection of the soloists dressed in black, the pair acts, dressed up in colours (Monika Caunerová, Manuel Wagner), solo and duo, with children and without. In “Spazio divertimento – Entertainment room”, improvisation takes place right down to someone’s whim, a little girl invited to dance, and a pretty grown-up laid over the shoulder and integrated in the cheerful game.”
Ditta Rudle,

Space/Choreography: Sebastian Prantl

Music Concept/Piano Solo: Cecilia Li

Music: Vienna Boys’ Choir

DancersMonika Caunerova, Manuel Wagner, Sebastian Prantl

Premiere Palais Coburg, Vienna, March 2006

Solo/Duo version: Cecilia Li & Sebastian Prantl performed at IETM 06’ Convention/Festival Beijing and at the Goethe Institute Shanghai Oct. 2006