Myth and logic are still unseparated.
Metaphysics swings on the periphery of poetry.
Pictures of language flow into the music of movement.


Coproduction of TAW & Werner Schulze and Wini Koppensteiner (Dithrambos Choir)

Choreographic Concept/Dance: Sebastian Prantl
Lights/Visuals: Erich Heyduck
Performing Protagonists: Simon Mayer (dance), Agnes Palmisani (soprano), Johann Leutgeb (baritone), Susanne Fazekas (flute), Werner Schulze (bassoon), Adi Schober (percussion), Feng-Chui Ting (Gu chen-Canon), Manfred Tischitz (polychord), Hans Tschiritsch (tschiritschophone), Dithrambos Chorus und Hiroki Watanabe

Premiered at church of St. Peter an der Sperr, Wiener Neustadt, June 2004