Sebastian Prantl and Lawrence Casserley are innovators in their chosen media. Each has explored collaboration between visual, kinetic and sonic media in which the two are in counterpoint rather than one being the slave of the other. Each, as explorer, as performer, as choreographer or composer, can draw upon many years of experience.

Prantl has written of his work: “The metamorphosis from the natural state of things to culture defines the place of humanity in the fabric of things. I choose this metamorphosis, seen as movement in time and space (dance of things) as the basis for my choreographic quest. The basis is matter – matter is physical. The act of creation, the creating and exhibiting of bodily features holds the possibility of contemplating the creation. Time creates itself through the change of things – space concretizes itself through meaningful movement in space.”

With the change of only one word, this could describe Casserley’s work equally well.
In their new collaboration, they combine these many strands into a mutual exploration of space and spaces, of resonances aural, spatial and spiritual – a counterpoint of “Sounding Bodies”.

Real-Time -Composition/Installation: Sebastian Prantl und Lawrence Casserley
Solo/Duo Guest Performances in Cologne, Münster, Saarbrücken, Dortmund and Vienna, Autumn 2003

TAW organisation & Colourscape London, Lawrence Casserley

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