Real-Time-Composition at the exemplary location of the Fürstenhof/Museumsquartier is obsessive… Duration: 36 hours, processing 3 weeks within the Wiener Festwochen ‘93
…who comes into the space? …who provokes the plot? …who creates the drama?


Choreographic Concept: Sebastian Prantl

Music Concept, Piano Solo: Cecilia Li

Parallel Theatrical Concept: Stadttheater Wien

Dancing Protagonists: Ruth Golic, Michael Ing, Anne Koren, Sebastian Prantl, Sybille Starkbaum, Franz Weger

Video Installation: Michael Pilz

A co-production of TAW, Stadttheater Wien & Michael Pilz Film for the Wiener Festwochen May/June 1993 at the Fürstenhof/Museumsquartier and a final performance installation at the Secession/Vienna