Choreographic exercises in- and outside the bodily boundariesResonating bodies transform space… Dancing bodies talk to us… of the overcoming of gravity, of a melody emerging, of the falling of angels…
„Continuing to walk means walking far, walking far means coming back.” (Laotse) 

Space with its limits, time with its (sub)divisions are pivot points for music and choreography to emerge.

Choreography: Sebastian Prantl

Composition: Beat Furrer, Luigi Nono, Mauritio Sotelo

Performing Protagonists: Silvia Both, Margit Fuchs, István Horváth, Dorothea Hübner, Ferenc Kálmán, Sebastian Prantl, Aurelia Staub, Kurt Studer, Miklos Visontai

Klangforum Wien directed by Beat Furrer and Mauritio Sotelo

Costumes: Eva Riedl

Light: Martin Walitza

Premiered at Palais Liechtenstein, Academy of Fine Arts -Schillerplatz, Secession/Vienna, May 1990