Hamlet is set in various locations of the future. A virus has erased large parts of the population. People are isolated from each other, firstly to prevent the spreading of the fatal virus – secondly to preclude the eruption of uncontrolled emotions that would inevitably lead to violence.

Hamlet is both emotionally and physically weak caused by the situation: polluted environment… Haunted by nightmares and memories, he is looking for a way out. He tries to remember a time in which communication still was possible…

The piece is Hamlet’s undecorated answer to unbearable conditions of life.

Concept/Choreography: Sebastian Prantl

Concept/Direction: Kristin Lovejoy, Sebastian Prantl, Penelope Wehrly

Performing Protagonists: Corinne Eckenstein, Elio Gervasi, Dorothea Hübner, Aurelia Staub, Kurt Studer, Sebastian Prantl

Spatial Installation: Penelope Wehrly

Light: Martin Walitza

Premiered at TAW, October 1989