The Chinese term ‘lu’ means ‘the path’’. Dance, through fleetness of hand and foot, interlacing – forming homogenous togetherness and side-by-side existence, embedded in the symbolism of rocks. Erik Saties meditative compositions provides a framework for the choreographic structure and support a soft narrative danced on pictographic images of chinese caligraphic codes for „lu“.

Of the limits and freedoms of human existence;
of that which delights and challenges us;
of that which is limited in this given structure
of space and time – given in a manner of only limited predictability:
space symbolized by activity – the drawing of a child;
ephemerality expressed in music.

Choreography/Dance: Sebastian Prantl

Music Concept/Solo Piano: Cecilia Li

Stone Sculptures: Karl Prantl

Performing protagonists in various contexts: Silvia Both, Oliver Grigg, Shih Kun-Chen, Kurt Studer, Sebastian Jürgens

Light: Martin Walitza

TAW Premiere October 1988, performed in Europe and Asia